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what is ussd code?

What is USSD Code?

USSD Stands for unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
It is a communication protocol used to communicate with Mobile Network Operator’s computers by dialing the USSD codes using Mobile.
This protocol was created for GSM phones but can be found on CDMA devices as well.

Furthermore, the USSD Code is Characterised by Short and Combined Alphanumeric (*, 1-9, and #) Codes. USSD is similar to a short message Service(SMS).

Why USSD Code is used?

There are various uses of USSD Codes, including the following:

1. WAP Browsing Prepaid Call
It is a method of accessing information over a mobile wireless network.

2. Mobile Money Service/ Transfer (MMT)
It is a financial service through which a Person Can Send or receive money by using their Mobile.

3. Marketing Services
We can do Mobile Marketing. For example, A Company can send a basic marketing Survey to get immediate and real-time user responses.

4. Network Configuration
USSD is also helpful to configure a user’s mobile device on the Network it provides a list of menus
from which users can Select Service buying ringtone, Request Account balance.

5. Mobile Banking / USSD Banking
Unlike other mobile banking that requires internet or smartphone. With the help of USSD Mobile
Banking/ USSD Banking, You can access Banking services on any phone including feature phones.

How does USSD Code work?

The Process of how ussd codes work.

How do I use the USSD Code?

Process of How USSD Codes work.

Benefits of Using USSD Codes

  • USSD doesn’t require an internet connection or data to work.
  • It works with Every Mobile phone.
  • Very cost-effective and economical.
  • Here, two-way communication is up to 8 times faster than SMS.
  • It doesn’t need any application installation therefore it is memory space-saving.
  • It is More Secure than SMSs.
  • Doesn’t charge the Customer for Roaming.
  • USSD is a free-to-use service so Your Customer doesn’t have to pay anything.
  • USSD id Menu-based applications enable more user interaction.
  • It is not Mobile Software or SIM Based hence it can run without either, and just need a connection to the GSM Network.

What is USSD Banking?

USSD Banking, Also known as USSD Mobile Banking is the term that is used when we get Banking/ Financial services through predefined Codes.

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What is USSD Code on Android?

In Android, These are the codes actually assigned by your service provider and supported by your phone with the service called USSD. 

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What is the format of the USSD Code?

The format is Very Siple and short. It starts with * and the # signs, which are dialed at the beginning and at the end of the series digits. for example : *#*#4636#*#*, *99#.

How is USSD different from SMS?

Below is the difference between USSD and SMS (short message service).

Character LengthUSSD messages are up to 182Characters.USSD messages are up to 160 Characters.
Communication Protocol SS7SS7
SecurityHighly SecureLess Secure as compared to USSD
Data StoredWe cannot store our Communication.We can store our Communication.
Communication FeaturesIt is Real-time, menu-based continuous Sessionsit used to store and forward operations

How do I find my USSD Code?

At ussdcodes.net, You will get the USSD Codes for almost everything.
Want to know the codes of android? ussdcodes.net is here.
Want to know the codes for banking? ussdcodes.net is here.
Want to know the codes of Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, etc? ussdcodes.net is here.

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