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Introduction of HTML ( or Codes of HTML)

codes of html

HTML is the language of codes that are used to build websites.
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language

What is HTML?

HTML is a commonly used markup language for creating Web pages. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML contains list of codes/tags. The Codes of HTML and HTML tags are used to structure a web page and its content.

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Sample Document of HTML ( Example of basic HTML tags )


<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Page Title</title>



<h1>Heading 1</h1>

<p>paragraph 1</p>



List of Basic HTML tags / Codes of HTML

HTML tag listUsage
<html> Statements… </html>
  • HTML tag: It is the base of the HTML document which is used to specify, that the document is HTML.
<head> Statements… </head>
  • Head tag: The head tag contains all the head elements in the HTML file. It contains the code of title, style, meta, … etc.
<body> Statements… </body>
  • Body tag: The body tag shows the body of the HTML file. It contains images, tables, lists, … etc.
<title> Statements… </title>
  • Title tag: Title is used to give the title to the HTML file.
<h1> Statements… </h1>
  • Heading tag: It is used to add the heading in an HTML document.
<p> Statements… </p>
  • Paragraph tag: It is used to add paragraph content in an HTML document.
<em> Statements… </em>
  • Emphasis tag: It is used to render as emphasized text.
<b> Statements… </b>
  • Bold tag: It is used to bold content in an HTML document.
<i> Statements… </i>
  • Italic tag: It helps in writing the content in italic format.
<small> Statements… </small>
  • Small (text) tag: It helps to set the small font size of the content.
<u> Statements… </u>
  • Underline tag: It is used to underline the text
<a href=”…”> Statements… </a>
  • Anchor tag: It helps to link one page to another page.
<center> Statements… </center>
  • Center tag: It helps to set the content in the center.
<font> Statements … </font>
  • Inline Image Put the name of the graphic (.gif or .jpg) in the quotes.
<IMG SRC=”image.gif”>
  • Image tag: It is used to add image elements in HTML documents.
  • Line Break This tag will show a blank line.
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List of tags of HTML / Codes of HTML.

HTML tag “<html></html>”

It is the building tag for HTML. If you are creating an HTML file, you have to use incorporate all your content inside the HTML tag.

Head tag “<head></head>”

Once you open the HTML tag, the head tag should be the first thing to come. It is the tag that does not contain any text but encompasses all the other tags. Tittle, style, Meta, etc. all the tags are written inside it. It is used to describe the content on the website.

Body tag “<body></body>”

Anything which you see on the website is written under this tag. So the content which you want should be visible to people and has to be incorporated into the body tag. One thing to remember is this comes after the head tag.

Title tag “<title></title>”

This tag is used when you want to give a title to your content. The title tag also comes under the head tag. It does not include any other tag inside it. Only text can be written inside this tag.

Heading tags “<h1></h1>”

<h1>Heading 1</h1>

<h2>Heading 2</h2>

<h3>Heading 3</h3>

<h4>Heading 4</h4>

code of HTML - Heading tags

Hyperlink tag <a href=”…”> </a>

This is the hyperlink tag. In this tag, you can pass a link to a page or website where you will like to direct the viewer. It consists of the “href” attribute which is very important as the destination is passed into this attribute.

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Image tag “<IMG SRC=”image.gif”>”

If you wish to put any image in the HTML files, you can do the same using img tag. You can define the height and width of the image using other attributes inside it and thus, can customize the image according to yourself.

Line Break tag “<br>”

It is the line break command which is used to break the lines inside the file. All it does is to add spacing in the paragraph and ensure that the line following it appears in the new line. There is no closing tag for <be>.

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